Yes, is offering hosting! What does that include? Glad you asked!
- a personalized subdomain (
- your own e-mail address with 75MB of storage
- wordpress installation (if you need/want it)
- and if you need any coding help, I'm more than willing to help
- anything else, just ask and I'll see if it's possible to get it set up

And now for the prerequisites:
- a link to a webpage of yours showing basic html/design knowledge
- a link back to the main site (nothing major, just a little text link)
- make sure to update your site at least once every three months, just to show it's still active. If you are going to be unable to update for whatever reason, just message me and we can work something out. If your site isn't updated semi-regularly and you don't notify me, I refuse the right to delete the site from my domain.

So, if I haven't scared you off, send me an e-mail and make sure to send a link to an html example, your name and the best e-mail address to contact you.